Ferris Wheel

Item #926

H - 28”, W - 22”, D - 15”, 30 lbs


In 1893 George W. G. Ferris Jr., a Pittsburgh bridge engineer, designed and built a giant amusement wheel at the Worlds Colombian Exposition in Chicago. His was the largest and most successful wheel of the time and carried 38,000 people per day while the fair was open. Who among us has never experienced riding on a Ferris wheel? Thrill seekers and lovers young and old have memories of riding a Ferris wheel. Engineering has always fascinated me and especially big bridges, buildings, towers and the Ferris wheel. Though I never had the math acumen to be an engineer, I can build my own miniature structures and pretend that I am creating something of lasting social value. Made in Aluminum and Bronze my wheel takes almost twenty separate one-hundred pound sand molds just to cast the parts. Dozens of tedious hours and many different operations follow to hand-finish and assemble one of my wheels. I have made a small hand-crank that, when turned, rotates the wheel using sprockets and ladder chain. The seats ride level at all times so as not to spill any passengers.