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Aero Car

Inevitably comparisons will be made between R. Buckminster Fuller's "Dymaxion Car" and my Aero Car. I can assure you that they have nothing in common other than traveling on wheels. My car is cool, too and it's new and it has a propeller. Take that, Bucky!


Angel Bell

Angelic bronze figure on small bell.


Armored Pig Bank

I present the King of piggy banks. Slide back the hatch on the gun turret to make deposits. A bit more complex to open then my other banks, this papa is armored, secure and guaranteed.



“Bob” is a fine little robot who will keep you company and also help you save money when you insert coins through the slot in his back


Cat Boat

Many years ago a unique style of practical work boat was developed on Cape Cod, MA. I don_t know why, but they called it "The Cat Boat". For anyone who knows their traditional sail craft, they will know the Cape Cod Cat Boat.



Purchased individually or in a hand full, my little bronze birds will charm you.


Dirigible Airship

The Hindenburg was framed in "duralumin", but that's where the similarity ends between that airship and mine. My Dirigible holds no flammable gas but it will hold lots of coins because it is a bank as well as a pull toy, so start saving for your next trip to Vegas.



Did you ever see Captains Courageous with Spencer Tracy and Freddie Bartholemew? Before your time? Well, mine too, but the kind of small fishing boats they used on the Grand Banks were the traditional dories. The boats were stacked within each other on the decks of large topsail schooners built for the trade.




Ferris Wheel

In 1893 George W. G. Ferris Jr., a Pittsburgh bridge engineer, designed and built a giant amusement wheel at the Worlds Colombian Exposition in Chicago. His was the largest and most successful wheel of the time and carried 38,000 people per day while the fair was open.

first born

First Born

Her first born favorite and strongest. (standing)



May he bring you good luck.



grazing mare

Grazing Mare

Mother horse watches her foal carefully while she grazes over the pasture.



A mama hippo glides along the surface of the water. I've heard they very mean, but mine is quite friendly.


King Lion

King of the beasts.




Long Tail Bird

Purchased individually or in a hand full, my little bronze birds will charm you.


Little Finger

All bottle stoppers have chrome plated stopper ends and rubber gaskets to hold them securely in the bottle. Due to the weight of my stoppers, they are best used in magnum sized bottles.


Middle Finger

NOTE: All bottle stoppers have chrome plated stopper ends and rubber gaskets to hold them in the bottle. Stoppers are best used in magnum sized bottles.


Pointer Finger


Ring Finger

Long after I'm dead you can say you own a piece of me. Yes, these are castings of my left fingers (after all, I'm left handed). Please note that these wine stoppers are fairly hefty and best suited to use in magnum bottles.

mama bear

Mama Bear

My mother black bear is very protective of her family. Now, you wouldn't want to separate her from her cubs, would you?


Pecking Bird

Purchased individually or in a hand full, my little bronze birds will charm you.



After forty years of making objects of art, it is about time pigs flew. Miss Piggy's got nothing on this fine cast aluminum and bronze coin bank. One screw holds it all together for cash retrieval.



Though full of youthful vigor the pony always comes back to mom at dinner time.


Pulling Boat

Another traditional water craft is the "pulling boat" or if you must, a row boat, sometimes called a Whitehall Boat. Note the classic wine glass transom.


Ray Gun

Recently I was abducted by a group of aliens. As we traveled the cosmos, they made me a deal I could not refuse. Knowing my talents, they gave me exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute copies of their ray gun designs for the entire planet. Each ray gun is an authentic reproduction of the ray guns given to me by my new intergalactic friends.




Rocket Bank

We had a different idea of what a moon rocket should look like in 1950. My version is cast in aluminum & bronze. The nosecone folds back to reveal ONE little bronze spaceman who's included to go along for the ride. He lifts right out to be played with and also reveals a coin slot where you can put your savings toward buying another Nelles original.


Seated Bell

Relaxing nude seated on small bell.

second born

Second Born Bear



Less lethal then the real thing this little snake should still cause comment.


Standing Bell

A little cast bronze nude figure stands atop small bronze bell.


Steam Yacht

Imagine you and Queen Victoria reviewing the Grand Fleet while cruising aboard your deep water steamer. Perhaps I'm the only "big" boy who still imagines such things, but I'd like to think there are other dreamers, too. The Steam yacht has been a challenge to make, but a very good education all the same.


Tiny Wren

Purchased individually or in a hand full, my little bronze birds will charm you.



Always wins in the end!